A few reasons why dealers join the Boel team

High quality

iTap & iTap 2 are the innovative products, that the Boel Company developed and tested in 2016. These are the high-quality durable devices for long-term use!
The company produces beer dispensing devices and works with highly qualified specialists. Our managers will help to equip any beer place, whether it’s a home-based brewery or a high-traffic beer shop.
Since we are the producers, the customers not only get the equipment they need but also a warranty and fast delivery.

Efficient pricing

The price tags on beer equipment vary drastically on the market. However, you can’t get a better offer on the iTap and iTap 2 defoamers.
The catalog includes the basic prices, and the customers can get a discount for large orders (from 10 pcs and more).
The Boel consultants will help you to choose the equipment options that are best for your goals, and answer your questions both before&after the purchase.

Fits for home brewing and commercial use

iTap devices are a perfect solution for fast no-foam dispensing of beer and soft drinks. It’s easy to install, takes little place, and makes bottling process a breeze! AND it’s cost-effective thanks to drainage minimization (only 1% of liquid goes to drain).

Beer is one of the most popular beverages and our goal is to keep it fresh and flavourful in the bottles!

Contact Boel managers to become one of the dealers!