How much does shipping cost in Europe?

30 euros for any number of items in the order. Delivery is carried out by DHL and DPD. The estimated delivery time is 1-2 days, depend on your shipping address.

Is there free shipping in Europe?

For order amounts starting from 200 euros, you get free shipping. We have already paid taxes for the goods, so no additional costs will be required from you.

How much does worldwide shipping cost?

60 euros for any number of items in the order. Worldwide includes countries that are not in Europe. The average delivery time is 3-5 days. Delivery is carried out by DHL. The customs office of your country may ask you to pay import duty. Please specify the amount of the fee before placing an order.

Is there free shipping in worldwide shipping?

Unfortunately not. Often the delivery costs 60-80 euros and we compensate for the excess cost at our own expense. It is important for us that the device is delivered to you quickly and safely.

Something has happened to my device. Where can I contact for service support?

Send an email to boel.shop@gmail.com
In the letter, specify your order number or the last name for whom the order was placed. Attach a photo or video of what happened. Specify the country and city where you are located. We promise to solve your problem within 5 working days.

Why is my coupon not working?

Unfortunately, coupons on the site are disabled now. Follow the news

If you have any questions while using iTap, please watch these videos first.

If you still need help with your iTap device, contact us!