The Boel Company team is passionate about beer: brewing, drinking, sharing a bottle with a friend…

We’ve tried many bottling solutions, and yet every one of them wasn’t just right. Here’re the “must” qualities of a beer bottling system, according to our beliefs:

  • Easy to set up

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to maintain

  • Cost-effective

In the 2010s we gradually developed a dispensing system that fits our ideas. That’s how the iTap line was created!
Eventually, other brewers and beer shop owners tried the iTap and loved it as well.

iTap for commercial use

There’re plenty of reasons why our clients prefer iTap:

1. iTap has clamp lock adjustments for various bottle types: PET bottles, glass bottles (crown cap/swing top/and even champaign bottles!) and we keep developing more options.

2. Affordable price and the quality/price ratio is impressive: you get a durable device with a 5-year warranty. It fits for both large scale breweries and home brewers as well.

3. Minimal drainage losses (only 1%), no foaming.

4. Quick installation: even if you see an iTap for the first time, you can install it on your own in under 10 minutes. Easy use: CO2 filling with a button, fast filling.

5. No cartridges or disposable parts.

6. Customizable design: you can install designer handles on the taps.

7. The beer bottled with iTap stays fresh and remains its initial flavor up to 90-120 days.

More reasons to try an iTap here!

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