Automatic Can Sealer


Packing Size: 255*455*608mm
Speed: 2 second/pcs
Colour: Black/White
Weight: 35kg
Power: 370W
Voltage: 110/220V,50/60hz
Need only 2 seconds per cans
Cans are NOT rotating

                                                                              Machine need 21 days to assembly, thank you for your patience!


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A high quality sealer machine can save you time and money but picking the right one can be hard to do. 
Are essential for beer, kombucha, bubble tea shops, juice shops or any place that serves drinks. Automatic sealers are also faster than using regular lids and use less plastic which is one of the reasons why they’re becoming so popular. They work by creating an airtight seal on whatever kind of cup or container that you use. They can be used to seal both hot and cold drinks.