Bottles Drying Rack


Professional Bottles Drying Rack for breweries.

  • Holds 100 bottles
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304
  • Has wheels for mobility
  • Foldable base for compact storage
  • 1442х252х192mm


A practical device for anyone cleaning bottles. Craft brewery, Bars, beer/wine lovers will loves it, because it is convenient to dry, store and disinfect bottles.

  • Practical: Equipped with plastic clips that prevent the risk of breaking glass containers.
  • Mobility: Reliable, easy to transport with robust wheels and side handle.
  • Compactness: during transportation and operation. The dryer construction is delivered in a disassembled form in a box. The stand can be easily folded for easy storage.
  • Food Safety: Made from food grade stainless steel