Clamp-lock for Belgian style 75cl crown cap bottles


This clamp-lock is designed for dispensing drinks into the Belgian style 75cl bottles with standard 26mm crown caps.  Fits all iTap and iTap2 devices.



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Counter pressure bottle filler is essential to selling beer to go. And the removable clamp-lock is designed for dispensing drinks into the 75cl Belgium Style sbottle with 26mm crown corks, for iTap and iTap 2 devices.

See an example of Belgium style bottles that fit this clamp lock here.You can use other bottles if the bottleneck dimensions are the same. 

Belgian Style bottle

Thanks to the convenient installation, you can quickly switch between clamp locks for different types of bottles. The counter-pressure bottle filler ensures that the beverage doesn’t contact with oxygen, so your brew stays carbonated for months. Whenever you open the bottles, you can enjoy fresh delicious beer!

  • First of all, the clamp-lock fits all iTap devices 
  • Lowers the costs on glass beer bottling equipment, since you can use the same tap for a variety of bottles
  • Allows to expand the product packaging options
  • Produced from high-quality food-grade materials
  • No disposable removable parts
  • Easy and convenient use
  • Warranty service
  • The best ratio of price vs quality

Download the manual

Designed to use with iTap and iTap 2. As a result, you can maximize the bottling options just adding a clamp-lock for glass bottles to your counter-pressure bottling system.

By the way, you can get a coupon!

If you’re using other bottle types, we can create a custom solution for you! Contact us and Boel Technologies engineers will make it.

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