Keg Washer for 2 kegs


Designed for complex internal washing of PET kegs or steel kegs, as well as filling clean kegs with carbon dioxide for the subsequent beer bottling procedure.

Main functions:
Washing with a cleaning agent;
Steam disinfection;
Washing with clean water.
CO2 filling

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Keg Washer is used for internal washing and sterilization of kegs.
Automatic washing for two kegs with two tanks (for acid and alkali) with a stainless steel table, stainless steel frame, steam disinfection, stainless steel solenoid valves, alkali/acid resistant membrane, filling heads made of stainless steel, stainless steel check valves, stainless steel tanks.

The production process of washing kegs is controlled by a controller, which independently performs the entire process of washing and pumping CO2. The beer keg washer is equipped with two containers for alkali and peracetic acid. Heating can be either steam or electric.

Technological process:
1)Keg fixation by the operator;
2)Draining residues;
3)Washing with clean water;
4)Washing with disinfectant or alkaline solution;
5)Washing with hot water;
6)Steam disinfection
7)Washing with clean cold water
8)CO2 injection;
9)Removing the kegs from the table by the operator