Glass washer


  •  Compact and light weight portable
  •  No electrical power or hot water required
  •  Saves water up to 70% compared with hand washing
  •  Suitable for all types and sizes of glasses
  •  Removes lipsticks and grease easily
  •  Washes 600 glasses/hour
  •  Weight: 2.5kg
  •  Size:37x20x36cm



Washer with two compartments for washing glasses, wine glasses, glasses.

There is a soap solution in the brush compartment. The glass is turned over and several times lowered and raised in the container. At the same time, the center and side brushes clean the surface of the vessel.

In the adjacent compartment, the glass is lowered under a stream of clean water, which begins to run after pressing the bottom of the glass on the central axis.
Work is carried out from water pressure;
Compact and portable;
Saving up to 70% of water in comparison with the usual way of washing glasses;
Suitable for most types and sizes of glasses, glasses, wine glasses;