Hydraulic Capper


Counter top Hydraulic Capper for crown cap bottles. Durable device for manual capping, designed for craft breweries.

Material Galvanized steel
Stand Length 20 cm.
Stand Width 20 cm.
Height 51 cm.
Weight 1.8 kg


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This Capper will be a faithful helper for brewers, kombucha, lemonade makers and anyone who need to safe their drinks.

With this crown cap capper you can easily clog up your beverage.
It has a built-in magnet at the top of the bell, which saves time for capping, as there is no need to monitor the placement of the beer cap during capping.
You just need to place the beer cork in the bell of the capper, place the bottle with the drink under the bell, gently push the lever by squeezing the beer cork on the bottle.