iTap2 PRO


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A craft beer growler filler equiped with iTap2: you can pour 2 types of beer from the same tap.

♦ Number of bottled drinks – 2
♦ Fills any glass bottles and growlers
♦ Fits for bottles with various height and bottleneck
♦ Counter pressure method keeps the beer taste and carbonation for up to 90-120 days
♦ Protection from bottles explosion
♦ Max capacity 180 bottles per hour
♦ 1 year warranty service
♦ Every device has a passport with serial number
♦ Dimensions, L x W x H : 260 x 240 x 680 (mm)
♦ Total weight (kg), not more than 6.5
♦ The working pressure of the product at the inlet of the device (MPa) 0.05- 0.2

Manual iTap2 PRO

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Professional device for filling drinks in glass bottles.
This filling device is designed for instant filling of glass bottles with different dimensions, carbonated drinks – beer and soft drinks.


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Weight 15 lbs


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