Keg coupler ODL, type A, Italy


Length: 140 mm
Width: 110 mm
Height: 180 mm
Weight: 800g
Fitting size: 7 mm
Outlet diameter: 5/8 inch



Keg coupler ODL – it is a reliable device for dispensing KEG drinks. The filling heads are made in Italy and are of high quality components, which allows them to have a long service life.

The couplers body is made of anodized brass, which guarantees high hygiene during operation. The interior surfaces are completely polished and have no bumps or gouges that would make cleaning difficult and could lead to beer sludge. An external thread of ⅝ ”diameters is used to connect the nipple. In addition, it should be noted:

  • Easy installation of the head on the keg;
  • Beer and gas lines are equipped with check valves – to protect against cross ingress of the product;
  • Italian quality at an affordable price – the ODL keg lock has excellent performance and a long service life.

Please note that fittings, nuts and seals for beer and gas lines are not included in the standard delivery set and must be purchased separately.