Label Applicator with dater


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This is labeling machine with thermodater. The device has the ability to put down the date.
It is used for cylindrical, conical and faceted containers (crown and PET bottles, vials, cans, tubes, etc.).



The self-adhesive label applicator differs from analogues in its stable design, versatility and high accuracy. Equipped with a pressure roller, bushings for the roll and a label for the counter label. The date is applied to the label by thermal transfer (not erased, not washed off).

  • Productivity 400-500 labels per hour
  • Max label hight 200mm
  • Fits for bottles/cans with diameter from 10-200mm
  • Max diameter of the labels roll 250mm
  • Device dimensions 1000 x 400 x 500 мм
  • Weight 10 kg

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