Vin Service beer tap with compensator, chrome, curly handle


Material: anodized brass
Color: chrome
Comfortable handle with smooth movement
Compensator for smooth adjustment of the filling speed
Classic design is a universal solution for any interior
Elementary installation on a column: The model is suitable for all types of columns.
Simple construction:  Vinservice beer tap is easy to disassemble and clean.



The Vinservice beer tap with a plastic tip is designed for filling beer and any other foamy drinks into glasses, mugs, dispensers. The device is manufactured in Italy by the renowned company Vinservice. Superb design and excellent quality are probably the associations that arise when this brand is mentioned. The smooth, sanded, non-porous surface inside protects against the formation of beer stone, is easy to rinse, and also prevents the beverage from foaming. Metal does not affect the taste of the beverage.