The standard warranty for our devices is 5 years. Our clients send photos or videos, and our experts make a decision remotely – whether there is a warranty case or not. In the event of a guarantee, the production allocates the part free of charge. But not all of our clients have a nearby dealer from whom this part can be collected. Therefore, the main question for our warranty customers arises in the cost of delivery from Russia, which sometimes can be up to 80 euros when sent by DHL express.

Extra Warranty

We are launching an extended warranty. Duration 1 year. The term starts from the day of sale. The cost is 10 euros for the whole order.If you ordered 4 items, then an extended warranty applies to all products in your order.

  • 2 times more cases are recognized as warranty
  • Part delivery will be free worldwide
  • The cost of the extended warranty is significantly less than the cost of shipping